Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Personal information is used for business purposes only. All information is stored on secure servers and associated with your account. In no case these data are transmitted to a third party or distributed in any way.

The email you have sent will be used to inform you about our services and promotions. However, if you do not wish to receive email info, send us an email.

Our online store uses cookies. These are necessary to enable us to combine the desired items to your account. Once your purchase is completed, they are automatically deleted. If you choose to save your password, this file will be stored and used to identify you on your next visit.



Online shopping with Clement Design Canada is secure.

Clement Design Canada is working with banking services Desjardins and Thawte Inc to ensure complete confidentiality and security of any information you provide.

Personal and credit card information entered on the site is transmitted electronically in a format that cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by a third party as it is encrypted to ensure its confidentiality.

Clement Design Canada complies with SSL encryption standards, under which transaction information will always be transmitted securely. Payment is made directly through Desjardins.

Clement Design Canada does not store credit information on any transaction.

As a result, online shoppers are required to submit credit card information with every new transaction.